Small Group



Small Group time is a very important aspect of the ABC Academy Program.  At 12:30 each day the children are divided into "Small Groups" of about 8 children.  These twenty minutes of the school day are primarily concerned with enhancing the skills a child needs to make a successful transition to kindergarten.  The children are afforded one-on-one time with the same teacher and are surrounded by children of similar age and/or ability.

bulletA younger group will be focused on earlier development, such as general socialization, sharing, gross motor skills, verbal skills, feelings and emotions, etc. 
bulletA slightly older group will be focused on numbers, shapes, colors, matching, same versus different, opposites, cutting, letters A, B, C, D, the five senses, etc.
bulletOur Pre-K groups will be focused on learning to recognize and write the alphabet (letters A through Z), recognize and write numbers 1 through 30, fine motor skills, cutting, concentration, writing their names, etc.


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Last modified: 07/15/08