Our Facility



The Reading Area - A quiet place for parents to say goodbye with a story or a snuggle.  Children can wave goodbye through the front window.

The cubbies and coat closet are adjacent to this area.  The monthly newsletter, sign-in sheet, and enrichment class information can all be found above the cubbies.


The Front Room - A large area for free play and circle time.  Toys are rotated often to make sure the children are always entertained.  Curriculum changes weekly or bi-weekly.  During your tour make sure to check out our impressive Bulletin Board outlining the week's educational theme.


The Back Room - Another large room used for free play and circle time.  The children eat snack and lunch at these tables.  Nap time is also conducted in this room.  The shades are drawn and quiet music is played.  The children that take a nap rest comfortably on cots.


The Sandbox - Always a favorite destination.  The sandbox is in a covered area so it can be used on rainy days when the children are restless.  The teachers often conduct treasure hunts in the sand or build a volcano.




ABC's Big Beautiful Yard - Shade covered by a majestic bay tree.  The ground covering is made of recycled tires and when the children fall they often bounce right back up from the rubber.  The ABC yard boasts a circular path for bikes and wagons, a swing set with monkey bars, a large slide, wooden and plastic play structures, a sandbox, an art area, and much more!  The yard at ABC is one of its best features.


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