October 2010


October Calendar


Dear Parents,   

            Well, I guess our summer has finally arrived. It is rather confusing to be discussing fall with the children when it is 90+ degrees outside. But I am confident that our beautiful fall weather will soon appear. The great news is that all of our new students are happy and making new friends daily. The staff is working like only a great team can, and we have now settled into our new school year with ease.

            The children enjoyed our September units. They especially liked when Detective Julie made a visit from the San Anselmo Police station for our safety unit. They were fascinated by her uniform and asked many questions. Christopher’s daddy Chris, also talked to the children about fire safety. Chris is a volunteer firefighter. This will be his second year of volunteering at ABC to teach the children about how to stay safe in the event of a fire. We always love when we have visitors at school. The children seem to hang on each word spoken, and it is so important to teach them about being safe! Thank you to both of our special visitors.

The children have learned about community helpers and made cute projects for their “All about Me” unit. I hope you are remembering to take home their daily art projects. They are always busy creating masterpieces! Also please remember that at the end of each month their small group folders go home. These small group folders are filled with treasures, so please take your time reviewing them each month.

            Now that we are in our second month of school, the children are engaged in their small groups, have their designated circle time classroom, and are enthusiastic about their many daily accomplishments. We are off to a great start once again at ABC.                                                                                              

Our Units This Month

October 4-8                   Fall Harvest                              

October 11-15               The Five Senses

October 18-29               Halloween        



Other Dates to Remember:

October thru December             Marin Food Bank Barrels

October 15th                             Book Orders Due

October 18th thru 27                   Bring a pumpkin to school

October 18th                              Pre-K Field Trip to Nicasio Pumpkin Patch

November 11th                          ABC Closed for Veteran’s Day

November 25th and 26th             ABC Closed for Thanksgiving


Parent Party

            We had a fantastic parent party. We had at least sixty parents attend and we all laughed, ate, drank and made wonderful connections with other parents. I want to especially thank the Blackwell Family (Augustus’ parents) for providing two cases of delicious wine. Their generous donation certainly made the party more fun and we all ignored the clock as we talked until late in the evening. It was a huge success and many friendships were formed. I wish we could do these parties more often, as they are just so much fun for everyone involved. I also want to acknowledge the entire staff for attending this party. It is always fun to be around the ABC teachers outside of work. It seems we never get enough social time with each other.

The Marin Food Bank 

Each year ABC tries to fill at least two food barrels for the less fortunate in Marin. This agency provides food for low income seniors, severely ill individuals and families in need. A food barrel will be dropped off mid-October and we are hoping that once again you can bring some canned items for this worthy cause. Thank you.


                                                            New Hot Lunch Day

Thanks to our parent feedback, it looks like we will be adding Tuesday as our new hot lunch day! We are happy to add another day of yummy Hot Lunches for your children.  We will be starting our new lunch day as of October 1st. Hot Lunch is now offered Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you would like your child to have hot lunch on any or all of these days, please see Rachel to sign up.

                                    Pumpkin Patch

The Pre-k classes will have the opportunity to go to the Nicasio Pumpkin Patch with their teachers once again this year! If your child is in Rachel’s Rabbits or Rachael’s Rhino’s, please mark your calendars for this fun trip on Monday, October 18th. Every year this is an exciting adventure for our older students and they really look forward to it.

 We will need parent drivers for this field trip. If you are able to drive please talk to Rachel W. Parents that drive must have car insurance and be able to take at least two to three children with car seats. The Pre-K children will be leaving the school around 9:45am. We will return for lunch at ABC around 11:45am. We will have about 30 children attending this fun event, so we will need at least seven or eight parent drivers.

All participants must pay the $10 fee so that they can enter the pumpkin patch and take home a pumpkin. Please give this admission fee to Rachel.  We will not be going into the jumpy this year, but we will be participating in the hay ride and petting zoo activities.

            The morning of the field trip, parents must leave their child’s car seat at ABC if the child will be traveling in someone’s vehicle. Please have your child’s name on their car seat. We will have permission slips for each child. Please let a teacher know if you do not want your child to attend this school event.        


Afternoon Childcare

Don’t forget that if you are currently enrolled at ABC, you can always use the afternoons on any day of the week. If you typically pick your child up at 1:00, then staying later is always an option without even notifying the school. If you would like to come on an afternoon that is not a regular school day for your child, they can be dropped off any time after 1:30. The cost is $8.00 per hour and we provide the same structured/academic program that we have in the mornings.



Halloween Parade and Party                

During the last two weeks of October we like to decorate and carve pumpkins at ABC. Please bring in a pumpkin to decorate, but do not put your child’s name on it. We will decorate all the pumpkins that are brought to school, and if you bring in a pumpkin, then you will be able to choose one to take home with you before Halloween.  

            On Friday, October 29th, we will walk downtown with the children for our annual Halloween Parade (weather permitting). All ABC students and parents are invited to join us on our parade. If your child does not attend school on Friday, we do ask that you leave ABC promptly after the parade. We are unable to provide chairs and room in the school for the extra children. Thanks!

           Our morning circle will begin at 9:30am on this day. Please arrive by 9:45, so that we can leave on time for our parade. We will leave the school at 10:00am and return by 10:30am. We will do “trick or treating” at some downtown stores that enjoy our annual visit. The children always have fun with their Halloween Parade, so please try to attend and don’t forget your cameras!

        Children are invited to wear their Halloween costume to school on Thursday, October 28th and Friday, October 29th. We do not allow masks or weapons as part of the costume. Please label all items that belong to your child. You may want to bring a change of clothes for children staying all day.

       We will have a Halloween Party with the children on Thursday, October 28th, and Friday, October 29th this year.  Each child will decorate a special Halloween bag, and children in regular attendance on those days will play games and receive prizes. Every child that attends ABC will have a goody bag, so please remember to take your Halloween bags home when you pick up your child from school.

      We would appreciate if each family would bring some type of goodie for our Halloween bags during the week of October 18-22. We prefer limited candy and plenty of non-candy items, such as stickers, spider rings, plastic bugs etc. Thank you!!

 A big “Thank You” for the generous gifts & donations from:

Lucas   -                       Fortune cookies

Aidan                -           Bagels and cream cheese for teachers every Friday!!!

Ben and Sarah  -           Squash and zucchini from their garden              

Vanesa             -           Home grown tomatoes                                     

Parent Committee  -       The teachers loved their special luncheon.        


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