November 2010


November Calendar


Dear Parents,                                                                                                                               

We are all enjoying the beautiful fall colors and the change of season. It is finally time to bundle up and prepare for the chilly weather that is on its way.

            School portraits were done in the office and the children looked adorable! Rachel, Melissa, and I made sure to comb hair and get the children relaxed and ready for their portraits to be taken. We apologize that some pictures had to be retaken. This is the first year we have used CamFoto, and we had to work the “kinks” out, so to speak. Next year it should be smooth sailing.

            The Pre-K Rhinos (Rachael’s group) and Rabbits (Rachel’s group), went on a fun field trip to the Nicasio Pumpkin Patch mid October. It was a wonderful adventure for everyone involved. The children loved the tractor ride. Each child was also able to go out into the pumpkin patch and pick a pumpkin to bring home with them. We could not have done this without all the parent volunteers. Thank you so much for your help in making this field trip such a huge success.

            We were sorry that it rained on our Halloween parade, but we had a fun party day inside with costumes, play stations, parents, and even a San Anselmo Policeman to visit and hand out candy to the children. All in all, even without walking downtown, it was a success for the preschool children.

            The school looks so festive with all of the decorations! The children have been busy creating so many Halloween and fall projects. Please be sure to take home a pumpkin, if you brought one to ABC, and to grab as many art projects as your arms can hold.


Our Units of Study:

November 1-5              Bears/Hibernation

November 8-12             Weather

November 15-19           Native Americans

November 22-24           Thanksgiving

November 29- Dec 3     Colors                                                                                                 



Dates to Remember:

November 11         ABC Closed for Veteran’s Day

November 12                Book Orders Due

November 19                Food Barrel Picked Up

November 24                ABC Thanksgiving Feast

November 25 & 26    ABC Closed for Thanksgiving

December 12 or 19       Holiday Party


Thanksgiving Feast 

            Each year we enjoy celebrating a Thanksgiving Feast with the children. This year we will be celebrating our feast on Wednesday, November 24th. The children will enjoy a lunch of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, rolls and butter, and either pumpkin or apple pie for dessert. Please do not pack a lunch for your child on this day. The afternoon preschool children that attend school on Wednesdays are invited to come join us at noon for this feast.

            The children will wear either a Pilgrim Hat or an American Indian Headdress during their feast. The children will each make a hat on the days leading up to the feast. We will decorate the tables with tablecloths and festive Thanksgiving ornaments. Everyone loves this school feast and Rachel takes pictures of the event so that you can see the celebration posted in the school.

            Please watch for a sign-up sheet for food donations so we can have a plentiful meal.  We will need your help in providing all of the special food for this event. Thank you!


Seasonal Flu Bugs

            As you know, we have had our bout with children out with the flu this season. So far we have been fortunate in not losing staff due to illness during this flu season.  Please help us keep this flu bug in check by keeping sick children home. We will be sending children home that have fevers and are not feeling well or complaining of illness. We really have to be diligent about protecting the children and staff this time of year. Thank you for your help with this sensitive issue.


Marin Food Bank

            Thank you for filling one food barrel already! We have had this barrel picked up and another empty barrel has already been delivered to ABC. We so appreciate your generosity with this charity. It is such a good cause and we love being part of the Food Bank Program each year. We will have the last barrel picked up November 19th in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday.                       



Jordan’s parents have just opened a new restaurant at the Northgate Mall called Tomatina. They invited the entire staff to come and have dinner several weeks ago, and we all had so much fun! It was such a treat to get together with the staff and eat, drink, talk, and be merry!! The food was great, and the service was very friendly. If you are shopping for the holidays, you may want to stop in and check out their menu.



                         ABC Teaching Staff

            You may have noticed some changes in faces lately at ABC. We had hired Jenny upon her arrival from Connecticut. She had always wanted to relocate to California and was thrilled with her decision. She moved into a shared home in San Francisco by the beach.  Like most of you, I liked her immediately, and hired her even though I warned her about the long drive she would be making each day to and from work. She assured me it didn’t matter and that she loved working at ABC.  Fast forward two months, and she decided that I was right after all, and the drive was not as much fun as she originally anticipated. She decided to find a job closer to home and gave us notice.

            Sammy worked here for about the same amount of time and was offered a teacher’s aide job in an elementary classroom at Neil Cummings School. She told me her heart was with elementary aged students, so she wanted to pursue this job before it was gone. Obviously, we were sad to see both Jenny and Sammy leave ABC, but the wonderful news is that we have been blessed with our new teacher Vanessa.

            I have known Vanessa’s mom, Tami, for over twenty years. Tami has a very successful day care center in San Anselmo. She and I have always referred children to each other, and have been supportive of each other’s work. Her youngest daughter Vanessa graduated from Cal Poly in June. Her BA degree is in Child Development and she has over 56 units in Early Childhood Education.

            Not only did the entire staff love Vanessa upon meeting her, but an added bonus is that Vanessa actually attended ABC when she was in preschool. If you have not already introduced yourself to Vanessa, please do so. She is a wonderful teacher and we are thrilled that she has decided to begin her teaching career at ABC.


                                                                        Share Days          

We would like to clear up some confusion regarding share days. ABC share days are held on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of each week. Look for the share day list posted on the front door. You can also find a share day schedule under the clock in the front room. I will be putting the November share day list at the back of this newsletter for your convenience as well.

Your child is welcome to share an item brought from home each time they have a share day. To help eliminate confusion we do not do make up share days. If you have any other questions about share days please speak with Rachel W. 


                                                                        CPR Class           

On Tuesday, October 26th, the entire ABC staff renewed their CPR certificates. Yay ABC! Your children are in great hands as we all took and completed an infant/child CPR class from 6:00pm until 9:00pm. We all take this class very seriously and are once again prepared with the newest techniques for saving lives. The State of California only requires one staff member to have this qualification. I am proud to tell you that now seven teachers on staff have once again renewed their certificate. This is just another example of why ABC is so special.


                                                                        Holiday Party 

            For the past ten years, ABC has rented the Sleepy Hollow Clubhouse for our annual Holiday Party. This year our party will be on either Sunday, December 12 or Sunday, December 19th. Normally we have had our party in the evening, but we have decided to celebrate earlier in the day this year.

            We are waiting to hear from the Sleepy Hollow Clubhouse about a confirmed date, but the time of the party will be from 11:00am until 1:00pm. We will need a set up committee and a break down committee for this event, so please watch for a sign-up sheet in late November.

            Typically, we have a potluck meal, ornament decorating tables for the children, and then a sing along with the children and adults. The children love this event, so please try to mark your calendars now. We usually have several hundred people at this party and everyone has a great time.


Thank You

Aidan – Bagels and cream cheese

James – Muffins

Christopher – Cookies

Sarah and Miles – Candy pumpkins for teachers


****We would like to thank all of the parents for the HUGE Halloween donation!!!******

This was the biggest Halloween donation in the history of ABC. Thank you all so much! It is greatly appreciated and it made this Halloween celebration even more special.


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