June 2011


June Calendar


June has finally arrived and we are so excited about all of the activities that we have planned for this month.  Graduation, Fatherís Day, and the beginning of our fun summer program!  We are looking forward to warm weather, being outside more, and meeting new friends.

Please remember that our summer program begins Monday, June 20th. When our summer program begins, there will be new children attending ABC. Your children will once again have the opportunity to meet new friends and welcome new families into our ABC family. For continuing students, remember your new summer schedules begin as well.

During the month of May, the children enjoyed creating their darling Motherís Day gifts. They also learned about Dinosaurs, Farms, and the Rainforest. The dinosaur unit is always a favorite so we dedicated two weeks to learning about these huge reptiles. Each child was mesmerized by the new information they were taught daily. I am sure if you ask your child to give you some facts about our units, you will be pleasantly surprised!

We have received wonderful feedback from the parents who absolutely loved their Motherís day celebration and gift. The children had fun serving mom her special breakfast of orange juice and a muffin, and the momís loved trying to figure out which portrait was theirs on our bulletin board.


Our Units This Month

May 30 Ė June 3            Rain Forest              

June 6-17                      Graduation and Fatherís Day

June 20-24                    Summer

June 27-July 1               Oceans


Other Dates to Remember:

June 17                        Pre-K Graduation

June 20                        1st Day of Summer School

June 22                        Summer Theme Days begin

June 15 & 16                Fatherís Day Celebration



ABC Annual Picnic

Our annual ABC Picnic will happen Sunday, June 5th at Gerstle Park. Please look for the sign-up sheets above the cubbies so that you can bring some yummy food to this fun event. Thank you to all the parents that paid Beth for her permit fees to rent the park. She appreciates your support and generosity.

The actual picnic site is Area 2 and the park is located on the corner of Clark Street and San Rafael Street. Hopefully the weather will clear up and it will be a beautiful sunny day for the children to run and play. The picnic hours are from 11:00 to 1:00.


                             Fatherís Day                             

We would like to invite all of our dads to join us on Wednesday, June 15th and Thursday, June 16th from 7:30 to 9:30 am for a special breakfast served to you by your child/children. You will also be presented with a Fatherís Day gift and card!  The children will be working very hard on these gifts over the next few weeks and canít wait to give them to you.

            A special Fatherís Dayís event of finding, ďWhoís Your Daddy?Ē will be displayed on the front room bulletin board during the week of June 13thth.  This special project created by your child is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.                                                                 

                                                            Pre-K Graduation 

 We are proud to announce that 28 ABC children will be receiving their preschool diplomas as of June 17th.  We will have our graduation ceremony at the Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross.  If your child is graduating this year, please mark June 17th on your calendars.  Our graduation ceremony will be from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Please have the graduates at the Marin Art and Garden Center no later than 10:15am!  If your Pre-K child will not be attending this ceremony, please let Rachel or Rachael E. know immediately.

            We have reserved the Livermore Pavilion and the Stratford Stage for our performance and luncheon. There is parking in the front lot. When you arrive, if you walk toward the rose garden and turn left you will see the chairs and the stage set up for our graduation. Please bring all food and drinks to the Livermore Room and drop it off before you pick your seat.

            This year ABC is working with new personnel at the Marin Art and Garden Center. In the past we have had a lovely working relationship with someone on staff that always gave us a wonderful discount so that we could use their facility. ABC has already paid the Marin Art and Garden Center $945.00 for this two hour event. If we leave the Center the way we found it, we will receive a $400.00 refund in July. ABC will also be covering the costs of the paper goods, plastic utensils, cups, and a sound system. We are asking each family to please help offset some of our expenses by donating $20. Thank you for your help in this matter.

            The children will have a cute performance on stage and then will receive diplomas.  A potluck luncheon will follow the graduation ceremony. Please look for the sign-up sheet above the cubbies for this event. The graduation ceremonies usually have very large turnouts. You are welcome to bring aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends.  We will have at least 150 chairs set up for our guests.  With this in mind, it is best if you arrive a little early and make sure you bring enough food and drinks to accommodate at least 12-15 people.

The Pre-K teachers have loved working with your children this school year. Your children are confident regarding their studies and look forward to Kindergarten.

The final graduation performance is always adorable. I am sure it will touch your heart. The children have worked very hard on their performance and canít wait to perform for you and your family. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the show and a great party on our graduation day!      



Special Graduation Gift 

Rachel has spent the past month creating incredible body prints of all the graduates. She has spent hours working with each child to create an exact replica of them. These prints are hanging up around the school. Please take the time to find your childís body print and take it home with you. The children adored doing this project and spent quality time making it perfect in every way. These gifts will look great on their bedroom wall!  Thanks Rachel for being so creative, artistic, and loving!

Rachel will be taking cute graduation photos of each child. Please take the time to find your childís picture. These pictures will accompany the childís last folder when they leave ABC. We love how dedicated and creative our dear Rachel is.                       

                                                Leaving Graduates

If your child will have their last day of school on June 17th, please take the time to collect all of their belongings before they graduate. Remember they have bags of extra clothes, nap items, art projects, hanging sweaters or coats and earthquake kits. Any staff member can help you with this task.

ABC is implementing a new policy this year for our graduates. Because it is a short month for the graduating children, we must have all tuitions paid by June 10th. Last year several parents attended the graduation ceremony and left ABC without ever paying their adjusted tuition. Because of this, we must have full payment or your child will not be included in the graduation rehearsal or ceremonies. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, please speak to Carolyn immediately. Thank you for your help with this delicate matter.


          Summer Theme Days               

Each summer the ABC children love our theme days and look forward all year to our summer programs. Please refer to your newsletter calendar for the fun theme days for the month of June. There will be several theme days per week. It is important that you refer to your calendar so that the children donít miss out on special activities.

            Typical theme days are Pajama Day, Beach Day, Crazy Hair Day, Teddy Bear Day, Popsicle Day, Hat Day etc. It is fun for teachers and children alike to come to school celebrating each theme day. Make sure your children donít miss out!!                         


                                                Milk Cartons

            Rachael E. has requested plastic milk cartons from home so that she can make something fun and amazing with the children. Please help us with this project with your donations. Rachael E. made fossils with the children and they enjoyed finding them in the sandbox. She also made a great papier-m‚chť dinosaur that magically turned into a cow for our farm unit. Look for the gorgeous Rain Forest Animals that the children made with Rachael by having their faces molded with plaster cast material.  


Meeting Einstein

            On May 25th the children had fun meeting Einstein at ABC. A new local author, Mariela Kleiner, has written an engaging book for young children about gravity and scientific exploration. Her husband is a scientist that came dressed as Einstein and each child was given a magnifying glass. Her book, Meet Einstein, can be purchased at the Booksmith Bookstore in San Anselmo. I know your child will enjoy this book if you want to purchase a copy.




A big ďThank YouĒ for the generous gifts & donations from:

            Augustus                      Little Mermaid Book                 

            Jordan                          Chocolate covered Macadamia Nuts for teachers

            Rachel and Rachael      Wonderful school pictures that we can add to our newsletters


                                                                        Fun at ABC!



                                    Fossil Fun!                                            Digging for fossils



                                                                        Plaster-cast masks                   


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