July 2011


July Calendar
July Theme Days


Our twenty-eight graduates had a wonderful graduation ceremony at the Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross. The weather was perfect and the food was plentiful. The parents loved the performance on stage and the children really rose to the occasion.  Although we miss our Pre-K graduates dearly, we are thankful that they are well-prepared and ready for their new school adventures.  We love that some of our Pre-K children are staying for our summer program. They are such great helpers and they are enjoying meeting the new students that are beginning their new preschool experience.

 During the month of June, the children loved creating their darling Father’s Day gifts. We have had wonderful feedback from parents about the cute photos and frames. It was also nice to see the fathers come into ABC and be served coffee cake and orange juice by their children. The “Daddy Portraits” were a favorite topic and everyone enjoyed this special occasion.

 The children also learned about the Rainforest, Summer, and the Ocean. The summer theme days are once again happening. For some reason, we always miss the Beach Day falling on the hottest days of summer. It will be in the 90’s all week, and then a Beach Day is scheduled suddenly the weather turns cool. Hopefully at least once this summer it will actually fall on a HOT day!!


Our Units This Month

June 27-July 8   Our Oceans  

July 11-15         Camping

July 18-22         Circus

July 25-29         Pets


Other Dates to Remember:

July 4             ABC Closed

July 13, 20, 27         Library Days!!

August 19         Teacher Work Day (ABC closed)




Library Days in San Anselmo     

Each year the San Anselmo Library hosts a story time from 1:00 to 1:45 on Wednesdays. We send two teachers and twelve children down each week to enjoy this special class. If your child has a signed permission slip to go on walking field trips, then they will get a chance to attend this summer event.

            Pick–Up Times at ABC           

            For our new families, we want to point out that we know parking can be difficult. We have tried working with the San Anselmo Police Department, but a solution has yet to be established. Due to this dilemma, we have provided a 15 minute grace period for picking-up and dropping-off children. If you arrive at ABC between 1:00pm and 1:15pm, you will not be charged. If you arrive at ABC at 8:45am you will not be charged. Hopefully, this will help eliminate some traffic problems. Be careful about double parking, as we are on the same street as the Police Department and they do issue citations.

            Children may always extend their school day past 1:00pm. Our staff is fulltime, so we always have the same ratio with teachers and students. Remember it is only $8.00/hour, and you do not need to give us advance notice if you plan on using our afternoon program.


Theme Days at ABC

            Don’t forget to look at your calendar and theme day sheet in the newsletter. We do at least two theme days a week, so please make sure you know about them beforehand. The children love the theme days and feel left out if they do not come prepared. Some of our theme days do not require help from parents, like bubble day or movie days, but the other theme days are in need of special prep from you.




                                                Bringing Items from Home

We have noticed that children are bringing blankets (yes, more than one), stuffed animals, and other comfort items from home. Our policy is that if your child will be staying for nap time, then a blanket and/or a “lovey”, such as a stuffed animal, are fine to bring to school. However, children that do not take a nap at school, should not be bringing these items. We do not have the room for all the extra things, and cubbies are getting cluttered with too many items from home.

ABC always has extra blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals for nap time. If your child used to nap at ABC, but no longer does, please take home your special items as well. Our stuffed animal container is bursting at the seams!



                                                Picking up Children at ABC

ABC will not release a child to someone not listed on your enrollment packet forms. We have noticed lately that parents are sending in friends to pick-up children, but legally we are not authorized to release a child unless you have let us know beforehand.

We also check the person’s ID when they arrive so that we can make be sure we are dealing with the correct individual. It is extremely important for us to protect your child’s safety so please be patient with this inconvenience. Please keep us informed of changes since you filled out your original enrollment packet. This can be a smooth transition as long as communication remains open.



            We are happy that most families plan a fun vacation or two during the summer. The earlier you can advise us of these dates, the better for other families at ABC. We are able to accommodate children that would like to attend additional days, or give our employees a much needed rest on low-enrollment days. Thank you for your consideration!




                                                New Infant Childcare Center

A former client of ABC (Michelle Shaffer) has opened a small daycare/nursery school in Ross. She is licensed for six children and is very excited about her new business. If you are looking for childcare for your younger children, she currently has openings. She will take children aged one year to two years old. She has had two children that currently attend ABC and we feel she is a very loving parent. Please look for her business card and flyer by the cubbies.


                                                Gymnastic Class at ABC

Steve Sassone will be continuing his Flying Angel gymnastic classes on Mondays during our summer months. The children absolutely LOVE this half hour class and look forward to his creative new set up each week. He brings tumbling mats and bars, hula hoops, and balance beams. The children are always learning new skills. Please look for his sign-up sheets above the cubbies and treat your child to a fun gymnastic class once a week.



Thank You

            Parents!!!                       Milk Cartons                 

            Woody                         Popsicles and Tons of wonderful books and puzzles (smooch!!)

            Aidan                            Cupcakes for teachers

            Sarah and Miles            Cash register for playhouse and flash cards, plus cupcakes!



And now a sample of some wonderful creative art projects at ABC in the month of June:



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