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ABC does 90% of it's enrolling during the months of March and April.  In February we ask our current parent base if they would like to change, increase, or decrease their child's schedule after Graduation (usually around June 15th).  After we accommodate our enrolled students, we look to the Waiting List for new students. 

Priority is given to full-time students during enrollment.  If ABC is your #1 choice in schools, and if we do not get to your name on our Waiting List during enrollment, parents will often take advantage of our Afternoon Curriculum program. Being enrolled in at ABC gives you priority when a part-time or full-time space becomes available at your desired time-slot.  Visit our Rates page for more information.

Almost all of our openings become available as children move on to Kindergarten.  We like to enroll our new students to begin sometime during the summer months (June, July, and August).  This allows us to slowly introduce new ABC students to our program during the laid-back summer curriculum.  Also, if we stagger the First Days at ABC, we are more available to give one-on-one attention to children that may have a difficult time adjusting to the new environment.

Our Waiting List is usually between one and two years long.  Occasionally there are exceptions to this rule, so we always encourage potential clients to sign up.  If you would like to get on the Waiting List, or schedule a tour, visit our Home page which contains all of our contact information.


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Last modified: 07/15/08