December 2010


December Calendar


Dear Parents,                                                                                                               

            Well, here we are once again looking at the last month of the year. I am always amazed at how quickly it descends upon us.  December is a short school month, so we have much to do!  Luckily, we have the best staff ever. I know that all of our projects will be completed with fun and delight!

            The November units were fascinating for the children. They loved learning about bears and hibernation. The history lesson on Native Americans and Pilgrims is always a fun unit. We completed the unit with a delicious Thanksgiving feast provided by our loving ABC parents. The children adored wearing their special hats. Rachael Ellis took some cute pictures of our Thanksgiving feast. I hope you enjoy them!

            This month we will be busy learning our holiday songs, creating special gifts for families, going on a field trip with the Pre-K class, and enjoying our many festive units of study.



Our Units of Study:

November 29- Dec 3     Colors

December 6-10             Hanukkah

December 9-17             Christmas/ Kwanzaa


Important Dates to Remember:

December 12    Holiday Party 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

December 13    Book Orders Due

December 14    Pre-K Holiday Field Trip 11:00 am

December 17    Food Barrel Picked up

December 20-31      ABC Closed

January 3                ABC Open

January 12        Brookside Kindergarten Orientation

January 13        Manor Kindergarten Orientation

January 19        Wade Thomas Kindergarten Orientation                                                      

   A Special Thank you                           

I would like to take this moment to thank all of the special parents that helped create our Thanksgiving Day feast. The children really enjoyed this lunch experience and you made it possible. I know during the busy holiday season it is difficult to take on even more responsibilities than you already have. Thank you so much for caring about ABC and continuing to make the children’s school experience so wonderful in every way. We couldn’t do it without your constant help!


                                                           Holiday Party          

            Each year we gather at the Sleepy Hollow Clubhouse for our annual holiday party. We have been renting this facility for our party for at least ten years now. We have always had an evening event, but by popular demand, we are changing the time of this venue to an afternoon slot. Please join us from 11:00am until 1:00pm at 1317 Butterfield Road in San Anselmo on Sunday, December 12th. There will be a donation box placed next to the ABC sign-in sheet. Please contribute $10.00 per family so that we can offset our rental expense. Thanks!

            This is a pot luck affair, so look for our sign-up sheet posted above the cubbies. Each year we have s many as two hundred people attending this event, so please keep that in mind when you are preparing your food item. One year we did run out of food before everyone had a chance to eat, so large portions are encouraged!

            There will be an entire table dedicated to beverages. The children are always excited at this event, and they tend to get very thirsty, so we will have a sign-up sheet for water and juice as well. Wine and beer can also be brought to the party.

            We will need parents to help with the set up and break down of the banquet room. We have to put up enough tables and chairs for all that attend this event. The set-up can take an hour, so we will need parents to come and help with this at 10:00am. Please look for a sign-up for helping us set-up. The party begins at 11:00am and there is always so much to do, so if you can arrive early and help with the setting up of the room, it will be greatly appreciated!

            There will be an arts and crafts table for the children. Please accompany your child to this project table if you want to participate in make a special craft with your child.

            It is important that we begin cleaning up at 1:00pm. Before we leave we need to return it to the same condition in which we found it. The party is always fun, so mark your calendars now!

                                                                        Food Bank Barrels 

            Thank you for filling two food barrels for the Marin County Food Bank. We will have the last barrel picked up by December 17th. If you have not placed food in our remaining barrel, please do so before this opportunity is gone. We always appreciate your generosity with this event.


  Pre-K Field Trip          

            This year we will be attending the Holiday Sing Along at the Marin Civic Center on Tuesday, December 14th. Our Pre-K students go on two field trips during the year. In October we had fun at the pumpkin patch and now we will attend a musical performance in December.  

We have loved going to this musical event because the children are encouraged to sing along with Tim Cain, Miss Kitty, and other professional musicians. It is a fun time for all and the parents that drive on this field trip always report back that they enjoyed it.

            We will need at least eight drivers for this event. We have 25 Pre-K children on Tuesdays, our two Pre-K teachers (Rachel and Rachael), and eight parents attending. On the morning of December 14th, please remember to drop off your child’s car seat for their trip to and from the Civic Center.

The school has purchased tickets for the 11:00am performance.  Your child’s Pre-K teacher will hand out the permission slips and field trip driving forms. Each ticket was discounted as we bought at a group rateJ! Children are $4.25 and adults are $8.50. Please make your check out to ABC Academy, or if you prefer to pay cash, place your child’s name on the envelope. Thank you!


                      Holiday Traditions              


Each year we like to invite family members into ABC to discuss their holiday celebrations with the children. We would love to have you share a holiday game, toy, food, or project with the children. In past years we have had family members speak to us about their Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa traditions. We always enjoy these educational endeavors and invite you to help us celebrate all the holiday traditions this December. Please talk to a staff member if you want to participate in this learning experience.


                                                            Kindergarten Orientations 

The Ross Valley School District will be conducting their kindergarten orientations during the month of January. If your child will be attending Brookside, the orientation will be Wednesday, January 12th, at 6:30pm. Manor School orientation will be held on Thursday, January 13th, at 6:30pm, and the Wade Thomas orientation will be on Wednesday, January 19th, at 6:30pm. Make sure you attend these school events so that you can get your packet and all the information you will need for your kindergarten student next year. These orientation evenings are for parents only.

                                                January Schedule Change Forms 

In January we will hand out our schedule change forms for the summer months and for the following school year. Please be thinking about what schedule you may want for next year. We have 30 Pre-K children graduating in June. If your child is graduating and plans to attend our summer program, please let us know on your form.

Once the forms are returned, we will begin calling families on the waiting list for enrollment next year. We have over a year wait to attend ABC, so schedule changes are important for existing families. There will be more information in your January newsletter about this. 


Label Clothing

            Now that winter is here, more coats and jackets will be coming to school. As you know, the children are outside at least an hour each day. It is this time of year that coats and sweaters can disappear if not labeled. Please take the time to put names on your jackets and sweaters so that you will be less likely to lose items brought to ABC. Many times someone other than a parent will pick up a child and not know what coat they came to school with. We appreciate your help with this matter. 


                                                            Computer Repairs

This is a mini commercial, so please disregard if you have no interest!! Many times during the year ABC has computer glitches that basically shut down our computer systems. Years ago we had a student at ABC and his father made a living by having his own computer repair business. I always call Andrew Maley for my repairs and he is punctual, quick with the repairs, resourceful, and not expensive. If you have any computer repairs needed, I highly recommend Andrew. He can be reached at 415 302-7204.


A Big "Thank You" to:

Aidan                            -                       Bagels and cream cheese for staff

Christopher                   -                       Toasted pumpkin seeds

Scarlet                          -                       Bagels and cream cheese for staff

Woody                         -                       Toy Story 3 Poster




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