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ABC Academy has a Structured, Academic Program.

At ABC, we teach the children about a certain subject each week.  We call these our "Units of Study".  Twice a day the children are divided into two "Circles" for twenty minutes each.  One circle meets in the "Front Room" and one meets in the "Back Room".  Uniquely, the children are divided by the first letter of their first name, not by age.  A-J meets in the Front Room and K-Z in the Back Room.

Throughout the week, our teachers rotate teaching these two circles.  Every teacher has his or her own style, but they are all incredibly entertaining and educational.  ABC teachers must be able to capture the attention of children ages 2 all the way to 6 years old!

The children also meet in a "Small Group" in order to prepare for Kindergarten.  These groups meet for thirty minutes each day.  They are focused on developing the child academically.


The children enjoy a unit-based art project during our morning Free Play session.


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Last modified: 07/15/08