August 2011


August Calendar
August Theme Days


We are having so much fun with our summer program. The children have adored the theme days and have loved all of our outside activities. We are all hoping that the weather starts cooperating and some warm sunny days are ahead. This is the last month that our new students will be beginning at ABC. We are excited to meet the rest of our new ABC families. We’ve loved having some Pre-K spend the summer with us and cannot believe in just a few short weeks they will be off to their Kindergarten classrooms! We miss each and every graduate that leaves ABC, but we know that they will come back and visit with us. In fact, former ABC graduate Zachary Sonett, who is currently attending Drake High School, will be volunteering in the afternoons this fall from 3:30 to 5:30. He attended ABC 11 years ago, has fond memories, and is wonderful with the children. We also currently have a student whose mother attended ABC!!  After being in business in San Anselmo for 31 years, it is incredible to see a second generation of children beginning life with the ABC experience. J

We will continue with the summer theme days for the next three weeks before our official fall session begins on August 22nd. The August newsletter is typically the longest one of the year, as we remind everyone of all the little ABC details. Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter carefully. We are so excited to begin a new school year!


Our Units This Month

August 1-5        Birds  

August 8-12       Travel/Vacations

August 15-18     Sports

August 22-31     Back to School


Other Dates to Remember:

August 19             Teacher Work Day – ABC CLOSED!

September 5          Labor Day – ABC CLOSED!

September 20 & 21       School Portraits

September 21               Parent Party at Carolyn’s House





                                August Theme Days

            Please find the August theme days attached to this newsletter. This will be the last month of doing these fun theme days. Make sure you remember to send your child once again prepared for the weekly themes.

                                    Teacher Work Day


Each year at the end of our summer program, ABC closes its doors for a day to prepare for our fall session and new academic school year. This month our Teacher Work Day falls on Friday, August 19th. We will be cleaning the school from top to bottom, rotating toys, hanging new pictures, and moving furniture. Each child will have a new cubby location, and a new hook placement for coats and sweaters. The children always love coming to school that first week and marveling at all changes in their school environment. We enjoy the challenge each year, and look forward to the outcome after a long day of hard work. Please mark your calendars so that you are not surprised to find ABC closed on that day. Thank you!


   Fall Schedules   

Remember that fall schedules begin Monday, August 22nd this year. Some students will begin a different schedule on that day. Please make sure you know what your schedule will be when we end our summer session and begin our new year.

Through September we will be assessing the children and assigning them their new Small Groups. Once your child has been placed in a Small Group, they will stay with that teacher until it is determined that they are ready to advance to the next level group. We will always keep you informed about your child’s progress with monthly work folders that go home on the last day of each month. We always make sure each and every child is academically stimulated, socially encouraged, emotionally supported, and physically active. Through these efforts we are proud to send well-rounded, happy children off to Kindergarten.


Lauren S.’s Baby Girl Update

Lauren Shaw gave birth to Brynley Alison Shaw on July 23rd. The baby was ten days early, but Lauren had a fast delivery and the baby weighed in at seven pounds and three ounces. Mommy and baby are doing great!  The baby is healthy and adorable!


                                Rate ABC on

We would appreciate having a few more reviews on If you have a moment we would love to hear what you have to say about ABC. Many families are using this website to find preschools and we want to be accessible this way, too! J Thank you!

                    Cubbies, Coat Hangers, and Extra Clothes

            Each child shares a cubby with another child. We have noticed that the new bigger lunch boxes are causing problems for the small space they are required to fit into. If one child brings a large lunchbox, his cubby partner may not have room for his lunch. Please try to pack bag lunches or purchase smaller lunchboxes.

            Backpacks are also being brought to ABC on a daily basis. As you know, our space is limited, and when even five children walk in with backpacks it can be challenging to find places for them. Please don’t send your child to school with a backpack.

            We keep extra clothing for each child in the back room by the changing table. Please place your child’s extra clothing in a marked plastic bag with their name on it and then give them to a teacher. This way you will always have extra clothes on hand at ABC.



                                                                            Borrowed ABC Clothes

ABC is running out of clothes!! When a child is sent home in ABC clothing, please remember to bring them back as soon as possible. We have noticed that clothes are not being returned, and we rely on these clothing items for potty accidents when a child does not have clothes on hand at ABC.

We would also appreciate donations of small girl and boy clothing. If you currently have clothing items that no longer fit your child, we would welcome some at ABC.  Thank you for your help in this matter.


                                                Snack Calendar

Please remember to sign up to bring a snack. A snack calendar is posted next to the front door. We ask that you bring a snack to ABC at least four times during the school year. You will find snack suggestions on the calendar as well as “your choice” days. Please bring enough snack food for 45 children, this way they can have seconds or thirds if they so choose. We depend on your support and appreciate your help!   


                                                      Parent Get Together   

Each year Carolyn likes to host a Parent Get Together at her home in Fairfax. This year we will have this event on Wednesday, September 21st from 7:00pm until 9:00pm. Carolyn hosts this event so that all of our parents can meet each other. This evening is for parents and ABC staff only! We hope that you will be able to join us for an evening of fun and laughter, where new friends are always made. Carolyn will be serving hors d’oeuvres from Comforts. Please look for a beverage sign-up sheet above the cubbies during the weeks leading up to this event. We are requesting that parents bring either beer or wine. Carolyn will provide water, soft drinks, and juice. We will post more information and directions in the September newsletter.


                                             ABC Academy Website 

ABC has our very own website at Please visit us online to read the monthly newsletters, see the monthly calendars, and find general information about the school.



                                                           Emergency Kits

Once again, we want to update all the emergency bags at ABC. We like to have a special bag for each child should an emergency happen. We ask that you place water, a snack, and a comfort item in these “care packages”. Thankfully we have NEVER had to use any of them, but we still like to keep them onsite at ABC.


                          Pick-Up Times at ABC       

            For our new families, we want to point out that we know parking can be difficult. We have tried working with the San Anselmo Police Department, but a solution has yet to be established. Because of this situation, we have provided a 15 minute grace period for picking up and dropping off children. If you arrive at ABC between 1:00pm and 1:15pm, you will not be charged. If you arrive at ABC at 8:45am you will not be charged. Hopefully, this will help eliminate some traffic problems. Be careful about double parking, as we are on the same street as the Police Department and they do issue tickets.

            Children may always extend their school day past 1:00pm. Our staff is fulltime, so we always have the same ratio with teachers and students. Remember it is only $8.00 per hour and you do not need to give us advance notice if you plan on using our afternoon program.

            Children that stay all day at ABC have nap time in the afternoons. If your child will be staying later on certain days, please use the staff message book next to the sign-in sheet to let us know your preference regarding nap times for your child.


                                    Bringing Items from Home

We have noticed that children are bringing blankets (yes, more than one), stuffed animals, and other comfort items from home. Our policy is that if your child will be staying for nap time, then a blanket and “lovey” (stuffed animal) are fine to bring to school. However, children that do not nap should not be bringing these items to school. We do not have the room for all the extra things, and parents are noticing that cubbies are being cluttered with too many items from home.

ABC always has extra blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals for nap time. If your child no longer naps at ABC, please take home your special items as well. Our stuffed animal container is bursting at the seams!


                                                        Diapers and Diaper Rash

            As you know, ABC allows children that are not potty trained to attend school. If your child is wearing diapers or pull-ups, please provide the school with enough labeled diapers to cover at least a month’s use. We store these items in the back room by the changing table.

            If your child has a diaper rash please let the staff know, either by informing us in the staff book or by telling a teacher. We will apply diaper cream if you provide it from home. Thank you for your help with this delicate matter.


                                                                      Wish Tree  

            Please look for our “Wish Tree” near the coat closet. The teachers have posted some items they would appreciate having brought in from home. We will use these items for future projects at school. Thank you for helping us recycle common household items and turn them into works of art!


Thank You to:

            Aidan – Pastries

            Donovan – Books

            Amaya – Crayons, envelopes

Rachael Ellis’ Creativity

            This month our ever-talented Rachael will be teaching the children how to sew. We are thankful for her abilities and the children truly enjoy learning such elaborate talents. Here is an example:



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