April 2011


April Calendar


Dear Parents,   

            Now that the children know all about spring, baby animals, nutrition and the body, it is time to move onto new units of study. This month will be so busy because of our beautiful weather. Last month’s rain was definitely challenging not only for the children but for the staff! Whew, at least we now have blue skies and sun to look forward too. The children were so happy to finally get quality time outside again. This month’s units will embrace this glorious weather and we will celebrate this new beginning of spring.

  We will enjoy learning about the garden, Easter and Passover, Mother Earth, and insects.  I love how the subjects all run together and support each other.  What a fun way to learn about the important things in life; like nature, love, and our precious environment.

            Rachel and Rachael have finished the Pre-K Conferences with parents and everyone enjoyed their scheduled meeting.  Parents were so appreciative of the Pre-K teachers and were very touched by the amount of effort and love that went into each conference. The Pre-K children are looking forward to going onto their new adventures in Kindergarten.  This time of year seems to just fly by, so we will enjoy every moment with our graduating students while we still can.


Our Units of Study for April:

April 1-2            Baby Animals

April 4-8            In the Garden

April 11-15        Insects

April 18-22        Easter/Passover

April 25-29        Earth Week


Other Dates to Remember:

April 6               Parent Meeting 5:30pm

April 15             Book Orders Due

April 21 & 22     Easter Egg Hunt

April 25             ABC Closed     

June 17            Graduation Ceremony for Pre-K Children




           Easter Celebration 

            On Thursday, April 21st and Friday, April 22nd, we will have an Easter Egg Hunt at ABC during our recess hour. The children will be making bags, and decorating eggs for this fun event. We would like to ask that parents donate hard boiled eggs so that we can dye them with the children. If you would like to donate hard boiled eggs, treats, and goodies for their bags and baskets, we would appreciate it. Please have all donations at ABC by Tuesday, April 19th. Thanks!!

            We are expecting the Easter Bunny to visit ABC on both days so that the children can meet with him. Last year they were so excited about having the Easter Bunny attend their egg hunt. Hopefully we will be able to get some pictures!

            During our egg hunt there will be sugary items as well as stickers and goodies to be found for the Easter bags. If you would prefer that your child not have any sugar items, please let a staff person know. Please remember to take home all goody bags and help yourself to any extra hard boiled eggs!


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ABC Parent Meeting

Lauren and Carolyn will hold the Parent Meeting on Wednesday, April 6th at 5:30pm. If you would like to attend and brainstorm about our picnic and Pre-K graduation ceremony, please mark your calendars now. The group collectively will decide where to hold our annual ABC picnic. In the past, the parents have chosen Gerstle Park in San Rafael. Our annual picnic usually takes place in May. Teachers do not attend this event.

 We will also be discussing the Pre-K Graduation at the Marin Art and Garden Center, in Ross. We will need Pre-K parent volunteers to make signs for food, drinks, and table decorations for this event.

You are more than welcome to bring your child/children to this meeting. Emily and Bernadette will watch the children in the back room of ABC during the meeting. We would love your help and input if you are able to attend!



Which Kindergarten for Your Pre-K Student?

We would like to know which school your Pre-K child will be attending after they graduate.  Please let Rachael or Rachel know where your child will attend Kindergarten. They will be making a bulletin board in the front room showcasing where each child will go after ABC.                                                                                                                                                                                            .




I know that parking at ABC can be difficult. We have tried so many solutions with the town of San Anselmo only to be frustrated with tickets and warnings. Since we do have limited parking, please be aware that during drop off and pick up times people may be waiting for your parking spot.

I have had several parents complain that people in our driveway will pick up children and then stand and talk with other parents while someone else is trying to park. I know we do not have any real solutions to this problem, but if you could be considerate of those still waiting to pick children up, I would greatly appreciate it.

I was also notified by the owners of the apartment building next door about parents, nannies, and grandparents using their parking lot for ABC parking. This is a serious matter!  The town gives ABC a Use Permit and a neighbor’s complaint can jeopardize our license. Please tell the people picking up your children that there is no parking available next door for ABC. I will be posting a sign on the tree in front of the apartment complex clearly stating NO ABC PARKING. Hopefully, this will help and clear up any confusion. Thank you.

 If you have any suggestions regarding this matter, I am all ears!

New Email Address

            I would like to bring to your attention that Lindsey’s email address in the roster is incorrect. Her new address is amycliffordjones@yahoo.com. Please be aware of this change and correct it in your roster. If anyone else has any changes that they would like us to post, please let us know. Thanks


A big “Thank You” for the generous gifts & donations from:

Aidan                –          See’s Candies and Cupcakes for Teachers

Sadie               –          St. Patty’s Cupcakes

James D.          –         Muffins

Sarah and Miles –         Books and Lacing Cards

Ryan                 –          Triple Berry Muffins                   

Sevilla              –         Markers

Charlie G.         –          Books and Stickers



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