May 2011


May Calendar

Dear Parents                                                                                                                

The ABC children had a fun filled April with units about gardens, baby animals, insects, Passover and Easter. During our Earth Week unit, it was wonderful to explain to the children about our fragile Mother Earth. Now the children can participate in simple tasks that will help our planet: recycling, turning off light switches, and being careful with our plants and animals are a perfect way for the children to participate in caring for our environment.

            The children loved their visit from the Easter Bunny and they hopped all over the yard finding their eggs and  special treats for their goody bags. They also went to party stations that included pinning the tail on the bunny, digging for treasure in the sandbox and playing musical chairs. We obviously could not have achieved this fun feat without the parents that provided dozens of hard boiled eggs and goodies. The children loved dying the eggs, and we had more than enough to share with everyone. It was a happy celebration for all!! Please enjoy the pictures that Rachel took of our fun day.

             The staff is so creative and involved in all of the many units that happen each week. I hope you are taking home the art projects that are being produced daily. Now that the end of the year is upon us, it is hard to believe that summer is quickly approaching. We will be changing gears mid June to include Theme Days at ABC.  Some of our favorite Theme Days are Beach Day, Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day, and Backwards Day.  The children love these days and talk about them all year long.



Our Units of Study for May:

May 2-6             Mother’s Day

May 9-20           Dinosaurs

May 23-27         Farms

May30-June 3   Rainforest


Other Dates to Remember:

May 5 & 6         Mother’s Day Celebration

May 13             Book Orders Due                     

May 18 & 19      Vision Screening

May 30             Memorial Day—ABC Closed

June 17            ABC Pre-K Graduation

                                Mother’s Day                


We would like to invite all of our ABC moms to join us on Thursday, May 6th and Friday, May 7th from 7:30 to 9:30 am for a special breakfast served to you by your child/children.  You will also be presented with a Mother’s Day gift and card!  The children have worked very hard on these gifts over the past few weeks and can’t wait to give them to you.

            A special Mother’s Day’s event of finding your self portrait will be displayed on the front room bulletin board during the week of May 2nd.  This special project created by your child is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

                                                          Vision Screening 


            The Elks Organization comes to ABC annually and offers a free vision screening with the children. If your child is between the ages of three and five, and you would like to have them participate, Leeanne Cadwallader will be available to vision test your child on May 18th and 19th beginning at 9:30 am.

            In order for your child to participate in this free program, you must sign the permission slip provided by the California-Hawaii Elks Program. Your child’s small group teacher will be handing out these forms the first week of May. Please sign and return these forms to any ABC teacher so that we have them back before May 13th. Thank you.

            If you would like more information regarding this vision screening, please find the blue pamphlets above the cubbies.  Each year at least one child is discovered to have a vision issue by this worthwhile program.



            Once again we are asking our parent base to participate in bringing in snack for the morning sessions. There are sixty-six families that have children at ABC. If each family brought snack once every three months, it would solve this problem. Rachel always has creative and yummy snack ideas on the snack calendar, so please sign up to bring a snack for forty children, if you have not already done so.  One of our parents has requested that we buy organic snacks whenever possible for the children. We will leave this to your discretion.


                                                                        Special Birthday Treats

            We have noticed that birthday celebrations are sometimes falling on the same day. Please make sure to tell a teacher beforehand if you are going to bring a special snack for your child’s birthday. We always serve this special treat after lunch. It is fun for the children to sing the birthday song and share in a snack, but once in awhile two sets of birthday treats arrive on the same day, and we would like to make sure this doesn’t happen. Thanks for your help with this situation.


ABC Annual Picnic

Mark your calendars!! Thanks to the help of the parent committee, we have decided that we will have our annual ABC picnic at Gerstle Park in San Rafael. Gerstle Park is located on the corner of Clark Street and San Rafael Street. The picnic date is Sunday, June 5th from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Beth, Sarah and Ben’s mom, has reserved Area 2 for our picnic. If you can attend this fun event, please make a contribution to the donation box above the cubbies to repay Beth for the $55.00 she had to pay to reserve this park space. Area 2 is complete with picnic tables, BBQ’s, and a play structure.

Please look for the potluck sign-up sheet that we will post later this month above the cubbies.  Bring your blankets, sporting goods, and yummy food for a fun ABC Academy event.  Each year at least thirty families attend, so prepare to have fun and meet new friends while enjoying our beautiful June weather.  Hope to see you there.



                                                            ABC Improvements

I hope you have noticed our many improvements at ABC. We have emptied the sandbox and filled it with fresh new sand. We have taken the slats off of the ramp and replaced them with indoor/outdoor carpet. We have put in a new air conditioner in the back room and added a brand new bathroom window that opens out onto the yard. We have planted new flowers in the front, fixed our gates, our play structure, and even added a shiny new mailbox.

We have had new toy shelves built in the office to house our ever growing book and toy collection, and we have fixed a broken toilet. We have added a new play structure out in our backyard and cleared out debris so the yard is clean, open and ready for more play!! Your annual Maintenance Fee is constantly being put to good use, and we thank you for keeping ABC updated.                                                                                                                           

                                                            Pre-K Graduation 

            We have another large ABC graduating class this year. We are proud to announce that 28 ABC children will be receiving their preschool diplomas as of June 17th.  We will have our graduation ceremony at the Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross.  If your child is graduating this year, please mark June 17th on your calendars.  Our graduation ceremony will be from 11:00am to 1:00 pm.

            The children will have a cute performance on stage and then receive diplomas.  A potluck luncheon will follow the graduation ceremony.  Please look for the sign-up sheet above the cubbies for this event. Our graduation ceremonies usually have very large turnouts.  You are welcome to bring aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends.  We will have at least 150 chairs set up for our guests.  With this in mind, it is best if you arrive a little early and make sure you bring enough food and drinks to accommodate at least 12-15 people.

            We have held our preschool graduation at the Marin Art and Garden Center for the past three years. It is a wonderful venue to hold our special graduation ceremony. The children will have the benefit of a stage with a cordless microphone, the audience can sit in shady area’s if it is too hot, and the pavilion will have tables and chairs set up inside for our luncheon. We are asking each family to donate $10.00 to offset the cost of this facility rental. We appreciate your help with this matter.

            The Rabbits and the Rhinos will begin graduation practice the first week of June and continue on until the big day.  Practice will take place after lunch, during small group time. Please try to avoid picking up your Pre-K student early during these weeks of practice.  Rachel and Rachael have their work cut out for them due to such a large class size.  We are excited and can’t wait to share this fun day with you! 

            If your graduate will not be staying for our fun summer program, your final bill will be prorated.

                                                            Our ABC Garden          

            Once our parents began bringing in plants for our garden, the children grew more excited each day. We had an abundance of plants when Dita, Augustus’ mom, came and helped the children plant each plant. The children were thrilled, patient, and very cooperative as Dita had each child plant one plant. Dita’s husband Gary made us a new planter box last year that is currently holding our tomato plants!! This summer we will have so many fresh fruits and vegetables for the children to share. What a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Rachael helped with our garden by planting all of the pretty flowers that were donated to ABC.

            Thank you to all the parents and teachers who participated in this learning activity. We could not have accomplished so much without your help. We will watch in wonder each day as our little garden grows and produces yummy food for us to enjoy. A special thanks to Augustus for adding ladybugs to our garden. Thank you!!!



A big “Thank You” for the generous gifts & donations from:


Christopher                   -           Rice Crispy Treats

Lindsey                        -           Red Vines

Aidan                            -           Bagels and Easter candy



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