January 2011


January Calendar


Dear Parents,                                                                                                               

            Happy New Year!! It is going to take a while to get used to writing 2011, but I am sure it will be a wonderful year. It is great to be back at ABC. The staff is rested and refreshed. The school has been cleaned from top to bottom, including the carpets, and the children are all excited to be back at school!!

            The entire staff was overwhelmed with your bountiful gifts and loving sentiments. Teaching is such an honorable profession, and it is done with pure love and patience. To already love what you do, but then be rewarded tenfold for your efforts is so gratifying. We all thank you for your generosity and your thoughtfulness. I know that ABC would not be the incredible school that it is without your constant love and support, so thank you!!!  

            I hope you enjoyed your class picture and the special holiday card from your child. The staff lovingly wrapped each gift and was thrilled in giving each child a “parent” present. Now you are able to put a face on each friend your child talks about!                 

            The Holiday Party at the Sleepy Hollow Clubhouse was so much fun. The setting was beautiful, the food bountiful (thank you!), and the cheerful songs made the afternoon end on a perfect note.  I want to thank the many parents who arrived early to help set up our party room. It made the whole experience so much nicer to have such willing and able helping hands. It was also incredible how the clean-up crew just got down to work and had the entire room back to normal in record time. We have such an unbelievable parent base, and I am always humbled by the love, effort, and good will brought forth by our families. Thanks too for all the great food that was created for this event. Every bite was delicious! Oh, and your donations paid for our rental fee in full!  Thank you again for everything.

            Our units on Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa were complete with stories, art projects and food. Alex’s mom, Julie Wolfert, came in and talked to the children about Hanukkah. She brought books and special candy and the children loved her presentation. Thanks Julie!

            The Pre-K field trip to the holiday concert at the civic center was once again fun and exciting. Even though it rained on our special day, we still managed to enjoy the field trip. We had enough parent drivers, and the children loved the performance! ABC purchased the CD of music performed, so we will have lasting memories of this special event.        

Our Units of Study:

January 3-7                   A New School Year

January 10-14                Winter

January 17-21               Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 24-31                Solar System



Dates to Remember:

January 12                    Brookside Kindergarten Orientation – 6:30pm

January 13                    Manor Kindergarten Orientation – 6:30pm

January 14                    Contact Information and Book Orders Due

January 17                   ABC Closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 19                    Wade Thomas Kindergarten Orientation – 6:30pm

January 21                    Schedule Change Forms Due!

February 22 & 23           Elks Club Vision Screening


Kindergarten Orientations 

The Ross Valley School District will be conducting their Kindergarten Orientations during the month of January.

If your child will be attending Brookside School (453-2948), the orientation will be held on Wednesday, January 12th at 6:30pm. Manor School (453-1544) will have their orientation on Thursday, January 13th. The Wade Thomas (454-4603) orientation will be held on Wednesday, January 19th. All Kindergarten orientations will begin at 6:30pm. Please make sure that you attend your child’s designated Kindergarten event to get an enrollment packet and their student information for next year.


January Schedule Change Forms

            Please find your schedule change form attached to this newsletter. These forms need to be back to ABC no later than Friday, January 21st. You will have choices for summer and fall sessions. Please choose carefully as once we receive all forms we will be calling families on the waiting list and enrolling new students for our summer and fall sessions.

            We will have 30 children graduating in June, so it is important that you let us know your ideal schedule. If your child is graduating and you are not continuing at ABC for the summer session, please still fill out a form and let us know.

I appreciate your help with this matter. It is a time sensitive issue, so please return your forms as soon as you possibly can. Forms that are returned right away have a better chance of receiving the schedule they desire most, forms that are returned late are not guaranteed their first choice. Thank you!



Pre-K Conferences with Rachel and Rachael 

            Look for a sign-up sheet announcing Pre-K conferences at the end of January. These conferences will happen during the month of February and possibly March. Each child in the Pre-K program will be able to have a parent conference with your child’s teacher. These conferences are informative and fun. All Pre-K students will begin a testing process with their teacher over the next few weeks. You will be given a folder with your child’s test results and we will discuss Kindergarten placement. The conference will take at least a half hour to perform, so schedule a time that you can attend.



                                                                        Tax Time

            Each year we get multiple phone calls regarding our Tax ID number for tax returns.  Our EIN number is 94-2858572. Those families that apply for tax credits for childcare should use this number on your tax forms. Thanks

 Food Barrel

            Thank you so much for taking the time to fill two food barrels at ABC. The Marin Food Bank was very appreciative and was thrilled with your generous donations. Well done ABC Parents!

Elks Club Vision Screening

            Each year a volunteer from the Elks Club comes to ABC with the sole purpose of testing each child’s vision. This year, Leeanne Cadwallader will be setting up her equipment in the office on February 22 and 23rd, and we will help her test one child at a time. You will get the full results of this vision testing after your child has been screened.

            At least one child each year is recommended for further follow up treatment. We feel that this benefits our students and we look forward to participating in this process.

            Each parent must sign a waiver for this testing to be done. Your child’s small group teacher will hand deliver your form to you. You will need to initial this form for your child to be assessed. Please return all forms to your small group teacher the same day you receive them.





                                                                        New Contact Information Sheet

            Unfortunately we have had some problems with contacting parents when children are ill. I am attaching a new contact information sheet that is to be returned to ABC by Friday, January 14th. It is so important that your information with us is correct and current. Sometimes the staff has had to call all of the numbers on your emergency card before someone is reached. During this cold and flu season, we would appreciate it if you provide us with the information as to who can pick up a sick child on your behalf, if you are unable to come to ABC yourself. Thank you.


A Big Thank You to:

Ben and Sarah             Homemade wreath

Aidan                     Bagels and cream cheese

Charlie G.                 Rugelach treat                                                             

Alex                      Princess Castle, game, and baby with crib

Musaddiqah and Azia       Assisting the children sing at the Sleepy Hollow Clubhouse


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